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When you see something growing, flourishing, and successful, know there is a story behind it. It may not be what you think. This blog is about revealing the power of why. The stories that may not be apparent have the potential to change the meaning and meaningfulness of what you see before you.  So many simply admire someone's accomplishments and brush it off as no big deal or are envious of what they see.  Do you know the necessity behind what the mother of invention had to birth through that individual?
Plug in and be edutained by discovering the motives behind my personal journey and that of some of the mega-talented people I've met along the way.
It is my aim that you find yourself in these stories and are encouraged to continue to pursue your dreams and make belief reality.
We The People
When A  Young Black Man,  Bringing  Change To His Community Receives Disturbing News About The Fate Of His Future, Must Decide To Ignore The Warnings Or Attempt To Do What He Can To Change It.

Short Film/ Trailer Teaser for "We The People Limited Series"
Short Film Debut  Capital City Black Film Festival 2016
Interviewed by ABC News Austin

Season 1 Script Complete 
An Appointed Time: "The Strongest Will"
When you reject your past evading it's lessons, sometimes it comes back to pay you a visit. 
Witness the suspenseful struggle of a young man, racing against time to outmaneuver the history that refuses to stay buried, before it claims not only his new life; but life itself.
Stage Productions
Freedom's Captives
 Explore the lives of 2 families attempting to wake up from the nightmare that was supposed to be the American Dream in this Juneteenth Black Historical Production.
Stay Tuned For Information on upcoming Original Film & Stage Productions.......
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